Tangshan Planning and Architechural Design & Research Institute 

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Tangshan City planning and Architectural Design Research Institute was established in 1953. It is a comprehensive design unit which integrates planning, construction, municipal, geotechnical investigation and engineering consulting.

With urban and rural planning, construction engineering design class A, municipal public industry (except subway, light rail) all industry design class A, engineering survey a Class A, engineering consulting class A, intelligent building (system engineering design) class A, construction drawings examination and other seven grade a capital quality, construction industry civil air defense engineering design grade B The design qualification of the special grade B and pressure pipe in landscape architecture design is one of the few comprehensive design institutes in the country, and the comprehensive business ability has been in the leading position in the whole province.

At present, the Planning Institute of Tangshan, the project creation center, the building design one to five, the project management center, the BIM Research Center, the comprehensive tube corridor technology center, the Engineering Consulting Institute, the road bridge Institute, the Environmental Engineering Institute, the gas and thermal station, the Building Landscape Institute, the surveying and Mapping Office, the survey office, the Caofeidian branch and so on Company. There are more than 400 employees, including 18 senior engineers, 78 senior engineers, 56 masters with master degree and 87 registered engineers at the national level.

Under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, the Tangshan academy has made important contributions to Tangshan's post earthquake reconstruction and urban development. It can be said that many residential areas, high-rise buildings and seat bridges in Tangshan are mostly from the hands of Tangshan people.

In the past three years, Tangshan World Horticultural Exposition comprehensive exhibition center - planning exhibition hall decoration exhibition project, the comprehensive disaster prevention plan of Tangshan city center city, World Horticultural Exposition project, Tangshan City public resources trade center general package, Tangshan city centre district comprehensive Corridor project, Tangshan city center city two ring road reconstruction project, Qian'an sponge City The city road design, the 19 villages in the northwest part of the Nanhu eco city, 19 villages, the old housing reform and resettlement project, Tangshan Wanda Plaza, the Silicon Valley building, Anshun Sports Center, the Chifeng City South Interchange Bridge, the Dezhou River Bridge and other major project design projects. This not only achieved good economic and social benefits, but also injected new elements for the upgrading of our city's taste.

In the political task of building Sichuan and helping to build Xinjiang, the Tangshan hospital did not speak any price. In strict accordance with the deployment of the superior, it completed the planning and architectural design of all the construction projects. It was highly appraised by the provincial and municipal leaders and the people in the disaster area.

Over the years, the Tangshan academy has won many awards from the state, provincial and municipal levels. Among them, 1 were awarded the national excellent design silver award, 7 from the Ministry of construction design, and 69 from the Hebei provincial outstanding design award. In the future, we will continue to uphold the fine traditions of solidarity and struggle, and put more full work enthusiasm and high quality service into the urban and rural planning, and make greater contributions to the construction of strong coastal cities and beautiful Tangshan.

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